The Los Angeles Muses are an Andrews Sisters trio comprised of Monika Beal, Baraka May, and Natalie Moran. These three songstresses studied classical voice at the Thornton School of Music at USC and have fused their mutual love of the Andrews Sisters' signature sound with their individual training.


Since 2006, the LA Muses bring harmony to life with an energy and musicality unique to themselves. Experienced in a variety of musical genres, each Muse brings her own edge and sensitivity to the trio's overall sound.


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The LA4 Jingle Singers (Ann Sheridan, Baraka May, Fletcher Sheridan, and Eric Bradley) came together in the fall of 2013 with a purpose: To listen to and emulate the classic vocal group sounds of the 40's, 50's, and 60's. It was out of pure love for this style that these four busy Los Angeles session singers who have sung on 100's of projects individually decided to spend time each week blending and shaping what has become their unique yet nostalgic sound. It's a sound that lends itself well to Commercials (TV/Radio/New Media/Mnemonics), TV Theme Songs, Films, and Album or Live Backup Vocals.


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The L.A. Choral Lab is a 30-voice classical chamber choir bringing unique, engaging performances of the choral repertoire to Southern California. We're taking old music and giving it new life, and we're taking new music and giving it a voice. Repertoire includes both classical works and brand new compositions by living composers.


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Echoes of May is a Jazz Duo (piano & vocals) comprised of Jonathan & Baraka May. The brother and sister have performed professionally since 2006, creating their own renditions of Jazz standards & Top 40 hits at The New York Grille, The Citrus City Grille, & many private events. The duo specializes in Jazz standards - Bossa, Swing, Samba, & Blues - and they also feature many contemporary favorites from artists like Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Nora Jones, The Beatles, Coldplay, Michael Buble, & many others. Echoes of May is available to provide live musical entertainment for private events, weddings, jazz clubs, & more. The duo also performs with bass & drums upon request.


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In February 2019, along with her business partner, Laura Jackman, Baraka launched the Los Angeles Youth Studio. This workshop helps gifted children sharpen the most necessary skills for session singing, including sight-singing, ear-training, mic technique, studio etiquette, shifting vocal tones, and music literacy. 


Children ages 6-10 and ages 11-17 are invited to apply for this once-a-month workshop via our website. Updates are available on our social media pages under the handle @layouthstudio.


We are thrilled to help the next generation of session singers continue to make Los Angeles the mecca of studio work for singers!  

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Hear Baraka's wickedly spooky, sinister lead vocals for the new Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire trailer HERE

Hear Baraka's haunting solo in the official champion theme for League of Legends HERE

Hear Baraka's solos in the original soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story HERE

Hear Baraka perform "Angel Eyes" in one live, unedited take HERE 



Now available on Netflix

   and streaming: Finding Ohana, Doug Unplugs, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Gabby's Dollhouse

MAY, 2021:

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Channel

*  Recording multiple voiceover 

   characters for a new series with Disney

*  Recording voiceover for an upcoming

   video game with Halpnet

*  Vocal contracting and recording small

   ensemble vocals for a new series

   with Disney Channel

*  Recording for a new series with Netflix

APRIL, 2021: 

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo Kpop vocals from home

   for Disney 

*  Recording multiple voiceover 

   characters for a new series with Disney

*  Recording solo yodeling vocals from

   home for FOX 

*  Recording multiple voiceover

   characters for a new series with Go Kid


*  Recording small group vocals for a

   new single with Ricky Desktop

*  Recording solo & stacked vocals from

   home for an upcoming Nickelodeon


*  Recording English dubbing for Luis

   Miguel on Netlix

MARCH, 2021:

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Vocal contracting child singers for an

   upcoming Disney Junior show

*  Recording solo & small ensemble

   vocals for multiple episodes on an

   animated Netflix series

*  Recording solo and small ensemble

   vocals from home for Hal Leonard

*  Recording solo vocals from home for a

   new Netflix animated series

*  Recording solo & stacked vocals from

   home for a new Netflix film

*  Recording voiceover for a character in

   an upcoming Disney Channel show


*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Blizzard Entertainment

*  Recording solo Nordic/Celtic vocals for

   Riot Games

*  Recording solo vocals in French for an

   upcoming video game series

*  Recording solo vocals from home for a

   new Netflix film 

*  Recording solo and small ensemble

   vocals from home for Hal Leonard