Baraka is a seasoned session singer for some of the world's most renowned composers and songwriters. Her work includes studio sessions, live performances, voiceover, vocal directing, contracting, transcribing choral charts, and arranging.

Recording on over 300 major films, TV episodes, video games, commercials, and albums, composers and songwriters depend on her keen skills in sight-singing at lightning speed, improvising with confidence and nuance, shifting her tone and style with ease, blending with other singers, and providing authenticity in any style. An in-demand singer, Baraka takes great joy in being vocal clay and is often requested for sound-alikes, accents, and voice matching. 

Baraka enjoys exploring her vocal capabilities with a wide array of projects from animation voices to classical chamber repertoire to pop, gospel, jazz, and celebrity impressions. With passion, drive, and a healthy  dose of perfectionism, Baraka sings with the raw emotion of a storyteller, the precision of a music theory nerd, and the heart of a lifelong learner. 



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Hear Baraka's wickedly spooky, sinister lead vocals for the new Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire trailer HERE

Hear Baraka's haunting solo in the official champion theme for League of Legends HERE

Hear Baraka's solos in the original soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story HERE

Hear Baraka perform "Angel Eyes" in one live, unedited take HERE 



Now available on Netflix

   and streaming: Jingle Jangle, Doug Unplugs, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War


*  Performing and writing vocal charts for

   The Voice Season 19 Finale

*  Vocal directing, coaching, contracting,

   and lyric-writing for Kanye West on his

   album, Emmanuel

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Netflix

*  Recording small ensemble vocals for 


*  Vocal contracting and recording small

   ensemble vocals for Covid19 Relief

*  Recording solos and small ensemble

   vocals for an upcoming musical with

   Nan Schwartz and Lorraine Feather

*  Recording from home for a FOX

   animated series

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Parades in Japan 


*  New releases now available on Netflix

   and streaming: Jingle Jangle

   (Christmas film), Doug Unplugs

   (animated tv show), Call of Duty Black

   Ops: Cold War (video game)

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording small ensemble vocals in

   Spanish from home for The Latin


*  Recording small ensemble vocals for

   an upcoming rock album

*  Vocal contracting for Disney Junior

*  Vocal directing, contracting, lyric-

   writing, and singing for an upcoming


OCTOBER, 2020:

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for DreamWorks Animation

*  Recording small ensemble vocals for

   an upcoming film with Disney

*  Recording solo demo vocals from

   home for composer pitches

*  Release of Baraka's solo vocals

   for Hearthstone's Darkmoon Fair trailer

*  Recording small ensemble vocals for

   new Disney show, Pose and assisting

   with vocal contracting


*  Recording solo vocals from home for a

   comedy show with NBC 

*  Recording small ensemble vocals

   with Seth MacFarlane

*  Recording solo vocals for a new video

   game to be released in 2021

*  Recording solo & small ensemble

   gospel vocals for an animated show

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Vocal contracting and singing solo &

   group vocals for choral and media

   composer, Billy Malpede

© 2017 Baraka May. Created by Jon Bryan (

Latin Grammys 2020 Spanish singer, small ensemble