Baraka (rhymes with Erica) May is a studio singer for some of the world’s finest composers and performers. She has sung behind artists such as Billie Eilish, Pentatonix, Celine Dion, Pharrell, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Jennifer Hudson, and Muse and has been featured on stages all over the world, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Tokyo International Forum.


With seven musical siblings, a mother in voiceover, a father in jazz and film music, an active church-singing regimen, and rigorous classical piano training, it was easy for Baraka to spot the career she wanted early on. Her passion for singing was coupled by an immense joy in shifting her voice into the many styles she was surrounded by. 


In the past nine years of working in the music industry, Baraka's voice can be heard in over 300 major motion pictures, tv episodes, video games, commercials, and albums, including La La Land, Frozen II, Star Trek Beyond, The Lion King, Jurassic World, Finding Dory, Coco, The Voice, and The Tonight Show. A-List film composers including Danny Elfman, John Powell, Hans Zimmer, and Michael Giacchino have enlisted her talents singing everything from belted gospel to ethereal soprano to child-like character voices. 

Baraka joined the beloved Star Wars universe as a soloist in Solo: A Star Wars Story, providing the bizarre Huttese singing voice of lounge singer, Chanteuse. Her haunting rendition of Dolly Parton's "Little Sparrow" is featured on the Pretty Little Liars episode, Along Comes Mary. Baraka has provided several solos and celebrity impressions in Family Guy, including Taylor Swift, Sia, Juice Newton, Sarah McLachlan, Zooey Deschanel, Idina Menzel, and Madonna. She became the singing voice of lead character, Moxy, in the PBS kids show, Mack and Moxy, midway through its first season. Baraka played a paramount role in the smash hit, La La Land, which she worked on extensively over the course of two years demoing original material fresh from Pasek and Paul, providing solos for on-screen characters, and singing choral/score vocals. She joined the Frozen family as a soloist on Olaf's Frozen Adventure and small ensemble singer in Frozen II, and she sang featured vocals on Disney Pixar's heartwarming hit, Coco

In 2015, Baraka shared the stage with Danny Elfman in The Nightmare Before Christmas LIVE performing as lead female character, Sally, in Tokyo, Japan and again as a character soloist for two sold-out performances at the Hollywood Bowl. She has since become a regular featured soloist at the bowl, performing the role of Alana in The Little Mermaid LIVE in both 2016 and 2019. She premiered La La Land LIVE and Beauty and the Beast LIVE as a featured soloist at the Bowl in 2017 and 2018. She has reprised her roles in The Nightmare Before Christmas LIVE each year for multiple sold-out performances with Danny Elfman at the Hollywood Bowl, Barclays Center, Wembley Arena in London, The Hydro in Glasgow, 3 Arena in Dublin, and the Tokyo International Forum. She made her directorial debut in 2017 as vocal director and vocal coach for Willy Wonka LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl, performing and working one-on-one with artists including Weird Al Yankovic, Elle King, Finn Wolfhard, and Richard Kind.


Baraka's skills as a versatile vocalist and pianist have generated a variety of jobs for her as a soundalike singer, voiceover artist, beat-boxer, music director, arranger, songwriter, and master teacher. A summa cum laude graduate of USC’s Thornton School of Music, she is regularly asked to serve as music director, section leader, and work as a guest clinician within the choral and a cappella community. Her award-winning vocal arrangements have been featured on Oprah and performed nationally by the nation's top show choirs and a cappella groups. 


The joy of singing an eclectic mix of styles has made studio work the perfect niche for Baraka's talents. Her background includes classical, pop, jazz, R&B, celebrity impressions, character voices, world music, and musical theater. Whether she is asked to sight-read or improvise, provide a powerful lead solo or blend like butter, sing low Alto or high Soprano, Baraka's passion for singing and level of musicality is evident in her work.


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Hear Baraka's haunting solo in the official champion theme for League of Legends HERE

Hear Baraka's solos in the original soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story HERE

Hear Baraka perform "Angel Eyes" in one live, unedited take HERE 

MAY, 2020:

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for an upcoming musical

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Netflix

*  Recording solo child vocals from home

   for a new animated series 

APRIL, 2020:

*  Recording solo vocals for The

   Umbrella Academy

*  Recording solo & small ensemble

   vocals for Blizzard Entertainment 

*  Recording & vocal contracting

   for USC's Film Scoring Program

*  Recording solo vocals for Disney


MARCH, 2020:

*  Recording and vocal contracting solo

   vocals for League of Legends

*  Recording solo vocals for a

   new Nickelodeon series

*  Recording solo vocals for Disney


*  Recording with Universal  Studios

*  Recording solo & small group vocals

   for Hal Leonard Publishing 


*  Recording solo vocals for Disney


*  Performing on camera vocals 

   for Songland on NBC

*  Writing the choral transcription for "I'm

   Standing With You" for the 2020

   Oscars with Diane Warren and Chrissy


*  Writing the choral transcription for

   Tones and I performing on Ellen 

*  Recording solo & small group vocals

   for Hal Leonard Publishing 

*  Performing works by Philip Glass

   with Jacaranda 

JANUARY, 2020:

*  Performing and recording for the 2020

   Grammys with Billie Eilish

*  Recording group vocals for an

   upcoming Disney film

*  Recording solo vocals for Disney


*  Recording solo vocals for Disney


*  Recording solo & small group vocals

   for Hal Leonard Publishing 

*  Recording solo vocals for an upcoming

   animated Netflix film, multiple


*  Performing with LA Choral Lab 

*  Performing for the Society of Lyricists

   and Composers Awards Show

*  Performing video game music

   from NieR in concert at the Microsoft


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