Demo Reel

Baraka's video demo reel

Family Guy: Chris Has Got a

Date, Date, Date, Date, Date

Baraka sings as Taylor Swift on

FOX's "Family Guy" 

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Baraka sings solos as two aliens 

in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" 

Hearthstone: Darkmoon Faire

Baraka sings the spooky and

sinister solo for the official



Baraka sings and whistles as an

elf in "Disenchantment" 

Petco National Commercial:

Getting to Know You

Baraka sings "Getting to Know

You" (solo and group) for PETCO

Mack and Moxy: You're My Hero

Baraka sings as lead character, Moxy (raccoon) and Sheriff Hiya

(bird) on PBS's "Mack and Moxy"

League of Legends: Official

Champion Theme for Fiddlesticks

Baraka sings (and screams) the

haunting solo for this epic 

and legendary villain's theme

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl

with Danny Elfman

Baraka sings as multiple

characters in The Nightmare

Before Christmas LIVE 

Family Guy: Dog Bites Bear

Baraka sings "Angel of the

Morning" with Peter Griffin as Deadpool (slightly modified


Pretty Little Liars: Along

Comes Mary

Baraka sings "Little Sparrow"

featured on FREEFORM's

Pretty Little Liars. 

Angel Eyes

Baraka sings jazz standard,

"Angel Eyes" in one take, raw

and unedited, with her brother,

Jonny May

"Why Not Me" with The Lonely


Baraka sings as Wonder Woman

and other characters for The

Lonely Island's rejected 2018

Oscars song

MTV VMAs: 30 Seconds to Mars

Baraka performs "Walk on Water"

with Jared Leto and 30 Seconds

to Mars, featuring Travis Scott, 

for the 2017 VMAs

Mickey Mouse Christmas Special: Duck the Halls

Baraka sings throughout this

fun-filled Christmas special

The Little Mermaid: LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl

Baraka performs as Ariel's sister, Alana, in The Little Mermaid LIVE

with Sara Bareilles, Titus Burgess,

John Stamos, Jodie Benson, &

Rebel Wilson

Family Guy: Cop and a Half-Wit

Baraka sings as one of the kids

with Stewie in Family Guy's

Tootsie Roll commercial


"I'm Not Going" with

Jennifer Hudson

Baraka sings with Jennifer

Hudson at the Center Theatre

Group 50th Anniversary Gala

at the Ahmanson Theater

The Voice: Season 3

Baraka sings with season 3

finalist, Terry McDermott on

The Voice

Elena of Avalor: Navidad

Baraka sings as a townsperson

and provides voiceover in

Elena of Avalor

Mickey Mouse Shorts: Potatoland

Baraka sings a delightful fugue

in this episode of Disney's

Mickey Mouse Shorts, written

by the brilliant composer,

Christopher Willis

Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

Baraka sings "Mona Lisas and

Mad Hatters" at Caffeinated


Mack and Moxy:

Ready, Set, Hike

Baraka sings as lead character,

Moxy (raccoon) and Trooper

Tigran (boy scout) in PBS's "

Mack and Moxy"

Da Vinci's Demons

Baraka recording for Da Vinci's Demons. Featuring Bear

McCreary & Bobbi Page

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Hear Baraka's wickedly spooky, sinister lead vocals for the new Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire trailer HERE

Hear Baraka's haunting solo in the official champion theme for League of Legends HERE

Hear Baraka's solos in the original soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story HERE

Hear Baraka perform "Angel Eyes" in one live, unedited take HERE 



Now available on Netflix

   and streaming: Jingle Jangle, Doug Unplugs, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War


*  Performing and writing vocal charts for

   The Voice Season 19 Finale

*  Vocal directing, coaching, contracting,

   and lyric-writing for Kanye West on his

   album, Emmanuel

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Netflix

*  Recording small ensemble vocals for 


*  Vocal contracting and recording small

   ensemble vocals for Covid19 Relief

*  Recording solos and small ensemble

   vocals for an upcoming musical with

   Nan Schwartz and Lorraine Feather

*  Recording from home for a FOX

   animated series

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Parades in Japan 


*  New releases now available on Netflix

   and streaming: Jingle Jangle

   (Christmas film), Doug Unplugs

   (animated tv show), Call of Duty Black

   Ops: Cold War (video game)

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording small ensemble vocals in

   Spanish from home for The Latin


*  Recording small ensemble vocals for

   an upcoming rock album

*  Vocal contracting for Disney Junior

*  Vocal directing, contracting, lyric-

   writing, and singing for an upcoming


OCTOBER, 2020:

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for DreamWorks Animation

*  Recording small ensemble vocals for

   an upcoming film with Disney

*  Recording solo demo vocals from

   home for composer pitches

*  Release of Baraka's solo vocals

   for Hearthstone's Darkmoon Fair trailer

*  Recording small ensemble vocals for

   new Disney show, Pose and assisting

   with vocal contracting


*  Recording solo vocals from home for a

   comedy show with NBC 

*  Recording small ensemble vocals

   with Seth MacFarlane

*  Recording solo vocals for a new video

   game to be released in 2021

*  Recording solo & small ensemble

   gospel vocals for an animated show

*  Recording solo vocals from home

   for Disney Junior

*  Vocal contracting and singing solo &

   group vocals for choral and media

   composer, Billy Malpede

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