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Baraka May



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Hear Baraka's solos in the original soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story HERE

Hear Baraka perform "Angel Eyes" in one live, unedited take HERE 


*  Recording for several parades with

   Disney  and NBC Universal

*  Vocal contracting for Princess


*  Writing vocal arrangements and choral

   directing The Samples

*  Recording for Universal Studios

*  Recording solo vocals for an upcoming

   series with CBS

*  Recording solo vocals for a new series

   with Disney Junior

*  Recording for the Macy's Thanksgiving

   Day Parade 

*  Performing Assassin' s Creed LIVE at

   the Dolby Theatre

*  Recording for a new Netflix series

OCTOBER, 2019:

*  Vocal producing for DreamWorks


*  Recording solo vocals for DreamWorks


*  Recording solo vocals for a new series

   with Netflix

*  Recording for Riot Games 

*  Recording for live events with Disney 

*  Vocal contracting and recording solo

   vocals for Princess Cruiselines 

*  Performing for composer, Lisbeth Scott

*  Recording for composer, Samuel

*  Performing for composer, Germaine



*  Vocal contracting for The Hyperions

*  Vocal producing for DreamWorks


*  Recording solo vocals for DreamWorks


*  Recording small ensemble vocals for a

   new animated film 

*  Recording solo vocals for Honda

*  Recording solo vocals for League of


*  Recording for an upcoming series

   with Netflix

*  Vocal contracting, composing, and

   singing for Music Under the Stars 

*  Recording for Disneyland, Paris

*  Recording for Hal Leonard Publishing

AUGUST, 2019:

*  Recording solo vocals for a new 

   Disney film

*  Recording solo vocals for DreamWorks


*  Vocal contracting & vocal producing

   new projects with DreamWorks


*  Recording solo vocals for Disneyland,


*  Recording solo and group vocals

   for Princess Cruiselines

*  Recording for a new series with Netflix

*  Performing on-camera vocals for a new

   series with Netflix 

*  Recording for Hal Leonard Publishing


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